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I / We: ___________________________________________________

LOCATED AT : ____________________________________________

IN THE CITY OF:  __________________________________________

STATE OF:  _______________________________________________



 1: Communicate and negotiate with banks, creditors, financial institutions, student loan agencies, collection agencies, third-party vendors, related personnel and all other necessary entities and individuals relating to my (our) debt.


2: Obtain records, debt validations, credit reports and support for the debts allegedly owned on my (our) debts.


3: Communicate, negotiate and settle debts. I (we) affirm that all of the information that I (we) have or will provide to Credit Smart LLC is accurate, timely and correct.  Credit Smart LLC may discuss any and all details of my (our) financial situation with any first party creditor, collection agency, credit reporting agency or law firm.


4: I (We) understand and acknowledge that Credit Smart LLC is not a law firm. Its employees are not licensed to practice law or provide legal advice, and I (we) expressly agree to waive any claim against Credit Smart LLC relating to any communication it may have on my behalf. I (We) understand that any creditor or collection activity, demands, or lawsuits are unrelated to my enrollment in the Credit Smart LLC debt settlement program, and would occur regardless because I (we) am/are already or will be in default and unable to meet my (our) financial obligations.  I (We) acknowledge that I (we) have enrolled into a savings and negotiation Program (as described in Client Agreement), and that is not related to any creditor actions.


5: The recipient of this Authorization, whether by original, photocopy, facsimile or electronic copy is specifically authorized and Instructed by the undersigned

party (ies) to contact, or receive communications from Credit Smart LLC or its employees at the address and telephone numbers listed in the above letterhead regarding any of the purposes listed herein.



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